Frequently asked questions

How can I pay my order?

Klarna Checkout acts as the store's payment service with the following payment options: invoice, installment plan, card and online bank payments.

What countries are available for shipping?

We ship to all European countries.

What shipping methods are available?

You can find all shipping methods, countries and expenses from here.

How can I return my order?

You can return your order after contacting

Please notice that the return has to be made in 14 days after the delivery.

What is the production country of Muurla's products?

Production country depends on the production method and the material of the product.

Handcrafted glass and all the wooden products are made in Finland.

Enamel products and other glass production than handcrafted is in Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland) and some in Asia.

Surface of the enamel product is broken. Is this normal? Can I still use the product?

Enamel is a glaze so it can be broken if it gets hard impact. The inner steel of the product may be rusted if the enamel glaze is broken. If the glaze of the enamel product is broken from the inside we do not recommend to use the product anymore. Small fragments of glaze may be detached from the product if broken.

Are enamel products dishwasher safe?

The stew pots are not dishwasher safe. All the other enamel products of Muurla are dishwasher safe.

Can I put an enamel product in to the microwave oven?

Enamel products are not microwave oven safe because of their inner steel.

Can I use induction stove with the enamel products?

Enamel products can be used on all stove types, open fire, grill and in an oven.

Can I use steel scoops or spatulas with the enamel products?

We recommend to use wooden or plastic scoops with the enamel products. Steel scoops or spatulas may scratch the enamel products.

Are enamel products' food safety guaranteed?

Muurla's enamel products are food safe and there are no hazardous substances dissolving in to the food.

Can I drink hot beverages out of an enamel mug?

Yes you can. You can drink ice cold and hot beverages out of an enamel mug.

Are the handles of the enamel products heating up while using the product?

Enamel products are made of carbon steel that conducts heat very well. This provides stable heat distribution while cooking but can also appear as the heating of the handles or the lid.

We recommend to use potholders while cooking.

My food got burnt while cooking with the saucepan/pot. How do I clean the product?

If the food got burnt you should first hand wash the product gently before putting it in to the dishwasher. If the burnt food does not detach with the normal washing procedures we recommend to soak the product in soap water with some baking soda overnight.

Are the trays and serving boards of Muurla dishwasher safe?

All of our current production of trays and serving boards are dishwasher safe.

What material are the trays made of?

All the trays and Chop & Serve -boards are handmade in Finland out of Finnish birch.

How do I recycle an enamel product?

An enamel product can be recycled normally in metal recycling.

How do I recycle wooden tray or cutting board?

Wooden tray or cutting board can be recycled normally in energy or mixed waste.

I have and old product of Muurla. Would you let me know the value of the product?

Unfortunately we can't estimate our old products retail value. Value is determined by the region and the demand of the product.