Watering bulb amber 28cm


The Watering Bulb is a handy household tool designed to make life a little easier - it can water plants for up to a week.

Add water to the bulb, make a small whole in the soil and carefully push it into the soil. Make sure the ball is not too full, because this prevents the water from flowing out of the ball.

Do not place the item in direct sunlight to prevent the risk of a burning hazard.

Designed in Finland.

Warning! For indoor use only. Never use in direct sunlight.

Important information:

When filled with water and if exposed to direct sunlight, the Watering Bulb can act as a magnifying glass, potentially creating a hazardous focal point effect. Flammable materials in the focal point can quickly catch fire.

Only use the Watering bulb indoors. If used close to a window, always place the bulb away from the window, in order to avoid direct sunlight.

Variation: amber
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